Meet The Team – Brian Wardwell

Brian has been working with Insight Technologies as a Web Developer since October 2016. His passion for his work spills over into his life off the clock, where he often works on creating personal projects at home. Brian’s favorite thing about developing is the challenges. When all of his hard work pays off and the code finally works, it’s an exciting feeling. As technologies are constantly evolving, there are always new skills to learn and… [READ MORE]

Meet The Team – Alec Hellman

Alec is the Customer Account Manager at Insight Technologies and has been with the company since June 1st, 2017. His job is to drive our sales team, helping them achieve and increase their sales goals. His favorite part of working in the IT field is the fact that it is ever-changing, keeping his job fun and exciting because each day is different than the last. The one piece of technology Alec could not live without… [READ MORE]

Insight Technologies Welcomes New Customer Account Manager to Team of IT Professionals

Insight Technologies is growing rapidly and as they continue to thrive, their team is growing too. The entire Insight Technologies team is excited to welcome Alec Hellman as their new Customer Account Manager. Hellman has a varied work history that will help to provide Insight Technologies clients with an even more personalized and responsive approach to managed IT services. Insight Technologies is committed to hiring the best up-and-coming tech talent on the market and bringing… [READ MORE]

Five Reasons Your Business Should Move To The Cloud

Cloud-based solutions are steadily gaining popularity with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. The versatile nature of this particular tool makes it a great fit for just about any organization, offering both exciting and user-friendly alternatives to traditional technology solutions and providing new ways to use legacy programs. There is a lot to be gained by moving to the cloud. If you’re considering a cloud migration in your business’ future, here… [READ MORE]

Trust X Alliance Isn’t Just Great For Us, It’s Great For Our Clients

Insight Technologies is a proud member of the Heartland Chapter of Trust X Alliance, a community made up of the top companies in the world of technology. Founded in 1998, Trust X had a singular goal – to make the voices of those working in technology manufacturing heard. Not only were they successful in achieving this goal, but in the years since Trust X has grown to include members in four different countries, each excelling… [READ MORE]

Phishing Scam Targeting College Students Shows That Anyone Can Be A Target

Typically when we think of phishing scams – particularly those that still use phone calls as a method of contact – we picture a specific type of target. We imagine these scams only go after the kind of person who would easily fall for a ploy to get access to personal data, namely older people who are often less tech-savvy than younger generations and less likely to be suspicious about requests that seem legitimate on… [READ MORE]

Company Picnic A Huge Success For The Insight Technologies Team

A sunny Sunday earlier this month saw the staff of both our main offices get together with our families to catch up, hang out, and enjoy some lovely weather at our Insight Technologies company picnic. We met up at a beautiful picnic shelter and playground in Halstad, MN – halfway between the two offices – for an afternoon of games and great food. With around 60 people in attendance, we dug into a spread that… [READ MORE]

Beyond Integrations – A Solution For Your Business, Not Just Your Problem

You’ve likely been here before – your operation critical software doesn’t play nice with other software, but you still need to get data entered from software A to software B. It started out small, something that was easily handled by various team members when they had the time. But as your business grew, the problem grew. What used to be an afterthought is now an obstacle. Now you have more than one dedicated resource just… [READ MORE]