How important is your email?

We’ve probably all heard of someone that has lost email from some form of unmanaged email account. Google Apps, Office 365 and Exchange Online are all excellent affordable services to support your business communications needs. However, they also have their issues. Although the aforementioned communications services are robust, and they are very reliable, they are not immune to humans making mistakes. There are several human issues that uptime and reliability cannot address, such as; file… [READ MORE]

Data Security

What do Heartbleed, Cryptolocker, Tornadoes and Disgruntled Employees have in common? They can all lead to data loss, and data loss can lead to lost revenue or even worst; loss of your business. We’ve all heard the statistics that x% of businesses that experience data loss go out of business in x years, but we don’t need scare tactics to understand the value of our data. Just look at your business processes and make note… [READ MORE]

Online Security

I’m too small to be attacked. I hear this all the time, a small company, whether 2 people or 10, think that because they are small they wouldn’t be an enviable target for a cyber-attack. The thing to keep in mind is that the attackers may not want to target you specifically, but to use your data to help facilitate a much larger attack. Customers of a nationally known online shopping service receive an email… [READ MORE]