Beyond Integrations – A Solution For Your Business, Not Just Your Problem

You’ve likely been here before – your operation critical software doesn’t play nice with other software, but you still need to get data entered from software A to software B. It started out small, something that was easily handled by various team members when they had the time. But as your business grew, the problem grew. What used to be an afterthought is now an obstacle. Now you have more than one dedicated resource just… [READ MORE]

Are you an Email Stripper?

Over the last several years we’ve been well lectured on the horrors of absent mindedly clicking “reply all” on emails and thereby sending out embarrassing or inappropriate messages. It appears that message has sunk in and the good news is there seems to be fewer of those stories circulating. Good news right? Not so fast on that reply! Enter the proliferation of social media and broadcast responses to almost every communication. Since it’s “social” it… [READ MORE]