ITNetwork Monitoring

Ensuring the Health of Your Network

Many organizations rely on network infrastructure to deliver vital communications services. IT Global can ensure these services meet your reliability and quality demands by monitoring and proactively managing every component within your network infrastructure — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Industry standard monitoring checks the availability, performance of network devices, interfaces and hardware errors. Our networking expertise, technological tools and methodologies ensure zero network outages and ensure business continuity.

You may choose to have Insight Technologies manage and remediate all issues or if you have internal IT staff we can aid them in detection and diagnostics while the staff performs the remediation.

Services include:

Tasks and activities performed by Insight Technologies AID MANAGE
24 x 7 Monitoring of Network Infrastructure X X
Alert Validation & Escalation X X
Insight Technologies Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based Initial Remediation X X
ISP Vendor Escalations & Follow-up X X
Configuration Backup of Network Devices X X
Executive Dashboard (web portal), On-Demand, Weekly and Monthly Reports X X
Troubleshooting & Full Remediation X X
Root Cause Analysis of Critical Issues X X
Vendor Tech Support for further troubleshooting and full resolution X X
Firmware upgrades as required X X
Move, Add and Changes (MACs) X X