Your Online Storefront

You don't have to close up at night or staff a register and nothing ever "walks" out the front door. Business owners need not look too far to find immediate advantages ecommerce can offer their business. Ecommerce's retail marketshare has been growing steadily since 1999 (source) and shows no signs of stopping. Lower operational costs, increasing trust in the security of online transactions, and shifting demographics are leading some to project significant growth by 2016. If you've been waiting to explore ecommerce as a product channel, the market is clearly demonstrating that tremendous potential exists.

Ecommerce: Not for Every Industry

Generally, ecommerce's marketshare represents business-to-consumer sectors that deal primarily in high volume. Ecommerce doesn't exist for vehicles, yet is incredibly popular for vehicle parts. Identifying if a market exists for your industry is critical. If a market exists you could be missing out on a wider audience, if none exists, ecommerce may not be the right direction for your company. We can help you research if ecommerce is right for your business, and help get you up and running should ecommerce be right for you.