We're Multi-Lingual

Our team is proficient in a variety of programming languages and we understand that each language has it's own strengths and weaknesses just as each project has individual requirements, unique to itself. Since we're not locked into any particular language, we can evaluate the core needs of a project and match it with a language which strengths best meet those needs. It's less about sticking to what is comfortable, and more about making the best long-term decision for the project.

It's About Craftsmanship

When a contractor builds a house, they can construct a building that meets the standards set forth by the building code, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's functional or beautiful. In many ways programming is similar to contracting. It's all about craftsmanship, not just checking-off boxes from a list of requirements. For us, whether it's 3 simple lines of javascript code or 300,000 lines of an intranet web application, we strive to craft the most elegant, concise, and functional code we know how. Why? Because, just like a home, its attention to the details that create lasting value.